Промышленный сканер штрих-кода Hand Held Products 6300

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Производитель - HHP (Hand Held Products)
Чтение 2D - нет
Гарантия - 12 месяцев
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Honeywell 6300
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Данная модель снята с производства и заменена на Промышленный ручной лазерный сканер Honeywell 6300

Designed specifically to meet the direct part mark (DPM) reading requirements that exist in today’s industrial marketplace. The 6300dpm combines specialized illumination; optics and decoding software to provide world-class performance on all direct part marks and everyday paper label bar codes.

Custom DPM Illumination System and Decoding Software: Creates readable images from all types and qualities of direct part marks, and assures the fastest, most accurate reading.

Easy-to-Use Software Set-Up Tool: Simple optimization of the custom DPM lighting, optics system, and decode engine to ensure fast, snappy performance for even the most difficult direct part marks.

Rugged, Ergonomic Design: Best-in-class durability to stand up to the most demanding manufacturing environments.

Чтение 2D нет
Гарантия 12 месяцев